World of Clear Skies

Clear Skies is Steam-punk / Post-Apocalyptic game world setting, set in the aftermath of a cataclysmic war. Most of the world’s surface has been poisoned and people live either high above in fantastical cloud cities and mountain-top aeries, deep within the bowels of the earth or clinging for life along the narrow coastlines.

The Prelude to War

It was time of great discovery, science and magic meant that few things were beyond the grasp of man and his allies. Wonders beyond the wildest dreams of their ancestors were commonplace: Great magical & technological vessels soared across the skies and plumbed the depths of the oceans; vast factories dotted the lands, birthing machines and smoke in equal volume; All but the wildest corners of the map had been tamed. They were masters of all they surveyed and coveted everything else.

When the surface gave all it could, the kingdoms of man dug further into the depths of the earth to satisfy their desires. Breaking into the World Below, they cared little for the borders and politics of the kingdoms beneath their feet.

The Vengeance of the Underdwellers

Wrathful Duergar, the Deep Dwarves whose resources were plundered, unleashed devastating chemical weapons upon the arrogant surface races, killing countless millions of ‘The Light Dwellers’. Those who survived the initial choking clouds were assaulted by the advanced war machines of the Deep Dwarves and their allies. It is believed only the actions of a rogue Duergar clan led to the end of the conflict.

A Shattered World

Even years later toxic fog clouds drift across low-lying areas which make long term habitation a dangerous prospect. Nomads, scavengers and the desperate monsters rule the lands. Many of the surviving humans live in mountain top townships and along the coasts where the sea air seems to neutralize the lethal effects of the Duergar poisons somewhat, but still take their toll in subtler, stranger ways.

The Fae, or Elves as Humans call them, abandoned their forest homes, live on floating islands high above the toxic winds. These vast arks holding what precious natural treasures the Fae could save, although they are racked with guilt about those left behind.

The Moradune, called Dwarves by other races, that live nearer the surface have carried on much as before, albeit with a high proportion of refugees and immigrants.

Clear Skies

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